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dry-riser-installationAt Falcon Fire we offer a nationwide service delivering expert dry riser installation and undertake projects both large and small. If your building is between 18m and 60m then dry riser installation could be the most effective method of ensuring you have an adequate water supply in the event of fire.

Dry risers are preferred for a variety of businesses – especially those with valuable or water-sensitive equipment – where a leak as a result of vandalism or building disturbance could be extremely detrimental. We also perform installations in locations where the pipework could be subjected to low temperatures where a risk of frozen pipes or blockages could lead to supply failure.

Dry risers are kept empty, only allowing the water to flow through when it is pumped into the system by the fire brigade through a dry riser inlet breeching valve, in a matter of minutes the dry riser system will be charged and up to pressure with all floors having a supply of water. The fire brigade will then connect a fire hose into a landing valve which are situated on each floor this then allows the fire brigade to control the fire on whichever floor the fire is on.

Business and Domestic Property Dry Riser Installation

Talk to Falcon Fire today about dry risers and your compliance with current EU legislation regarding fire suppression systems and fire safety. All our installations are completed in accordance with BS 5306 and the latest BS 9990:2006 – plus all our systems include a twelve month warranty.

dry-riser-inlet-cabinetWe fabricate your dry riser installation on site to ensure every aspect of the project fits your existing building structures perfectly, all work is carried out by our engineers is to the current British Standards. By fabricating on site we’re able to carry out any adjustments in design necessary without the need to re-fabricate or increase costs to you, so we’re confident our installations are some of the most competitively priced systems available today. All our engineers are certified in the latest Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS), are fully trained in dry riser installation and hold PASMA & IPAF cards.


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