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Know the Myths about Fire Sprinklers Be prepared to “bust” these common myths about home fire sprinklers

Myth If one goes off, they all go off.
Fact Sprinklers activate independently; only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate.

Myth Sprinklers will leak.
Fact Sprinkler mishaps are generally less likely and less severe than home plumbing system problems.

Myth Water damage from sprinklers is worse than fire damage.
Fact A sprinkler flows 10-26 gallons of water per minute. The property loss in a sprinklered home fire is a small fraction of the typical loss in an unsprinklered home fire.

Myth Sprinklers will freeze in winter.
Fact The national installation standard provides guidance for proper installation in cold regions.

Myth The fire department will be able to put out the fire and save my things.
Fact In the 9-12 minutes a fire department needs to respond, an uncontrolled fire will grow and spread through the home, causing tremendous smoke and fire damage.

Myth I have smoke alarms so I don’t need fire sprinklers.
Fact Smoke alarms are essential in every home. But they can only detect a fire. Fire sprinklers detect the fire and automatically control it, saving lives and property.


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